The ramblings of the mobility shop part1

The ramblings of the mobility shop part1

The ramblings of the mobility shop part1


The ramblings of the mobility shop 4 September 2010

A man came into the shop using two sticks at first glance I thought he was wearing diving boots but he assured me they had been made to measure by the NHS. I sat the elderly gentleman down in one of our comfortable Electric Riser Chairs and offered him the choice of fashionable Cosyfeet  Shoes for men. After trying on two or three different styles with their individual attributes for problem feet.    I was able to fit the man with comfortable  good looking shoes . He left with a spring in his step and his diving boots in a bag.

I was sitting at my desk, coffee in hand listening to radio 4 when a lady stopped her buggy outside the shop and very slowly appeared in the doorway using two  walking sticks.  To save her making a painful journey across the shop I promptly took my special customer chair that can be custom made by A.J Way  to suite all sizes. But I digress . I quickly made her comfortable  and enquired what  I could do for her .The DVLA had sent her a tax disc for her buggy and she needed a disc holder this is something I did not stock but assured her I would get one in.

As it was now raining we started looking at rain capes there was this big one with lots of zippers and buttons and a hood   I unfolded it look at it turned up side down looked at it again and decide to sit on our large Rascal Scooter to fit it on to show the lady  . That's when the fun started. I tried it this way and that. the lady suggested  doing it up first this I tried and got in a right pickle by this time with my antics the lady having a good laugh and so was I . I unravelled myself from the thing and showed her a nice hooded cape more her size which she happily bought and thanked me for giving her such an entertaining half hour the rain stopped and she went on her way,  My wife thinks I`m nuts too.

A spritely young lady of about 65 came in and asked if we did power packs for wheelchairs as she was finding it hard work pushing her husband about. I said we did not stock them as they were a little old fashion and expensive for what they were I introduced her to the Rascal WEGO a modern motorised armchair with pedestrian control she thought this was a marvel and took details show her husband . While chatting, the lady told me of wheelchair pushing service she had come across.  Young men and women of a local care home and there carers use the process to help themselves with their interaction with others outside of their care home, helping others at the same time.

You may well be asking yourself why I said sprightly young lady of 65 well the reason is that many of my customers are sprightly but are over 90 although looking at them you would never guess.

And then there`s a lovely lady who is brought in by a carer in her wheelchair she buys reachers somehow this little meek lady breaks steel reachers do not ask me how.   Supergran?! J

Check back for further ramblings from the shop.

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