Ramblings from the Shop

Ramblings from the Shop

Ramblings from the Shop. Shop Blog! Light Hearted Happenings....

Here are a few of the more light hearted happenings.

-A lady came very slowly into the shop using one stick and hanging on to the door. ‘How can I help you' I said? ‘Well' she replied ‘I need to buy two walking sticks!
‘I see you are only using one stick' I said. ‘Yes' she replied ‘the hospital said I need to use two but I have only been using one. BUT I KEEP FALLING OVER!'

-Helping another lady to take her shoes off to fit her with a pair of Cosy feet Shoes she looked down to see one bare foot.' Oh dear' she said; ‘it looks like I've put two stockings on one leg!'

-‘I think it's time I bought one of these walkers with a seat!' exclaimed a customer. ‘Certainly' I said. ‘I am dubious though' she said; ‘I think people will laugh at me!' ‘Let's look at it this way' I sai,. ‘do you laugh at other people with rollators?' ‘no' she said. SOLD!

-The door opens and in came a gentleman who started looking at walking sticks. ‘Can I help you?' I asked. ‘Yes I am looking for a stick I can hook over my arm so as not to lose it'. In a few moments a satisfied customer leaves shop.

One week later same gentleman comes in to the shop. ‘ want to buy a walking stick with a wrist strap. Certainly sir what happened to the one I sold you last week?' You guest. He lost it.

Look out for future Shop Blogs!

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